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Class Descriptions

Creative Movement

This class explores the joy of movement while improving balance, coordination and motor skills. Children will learn the constructs of a dance class: warming up, dancing across the floor, focusing and following direction. Each one of our teachers has their own personal approach to teaching this introduction to dance class. Children are encouraged but have the option to perform.

Modern Ballet

This class is a fusion on modern dance and ballet. Students will learn the basics positions of ballet, become acquainted with working at the barre, and express themselves through contemporary dance movement.

Modern Jazz

This class teaches Modern technique with Jazz influences. Students will learn the basics of ballet, work toward creating a strong technical Modern base, and learn Modern Jazz choreography. Modern Jazz I & II are the pre-requisite classes to trying out for the Jr. Grrrl Brigade.

Beginning Ballet I & II

Students will learn ballet form and positions, train at the barre, and do across the floor movement. Emphasis is on staying focused and strengthening technique.

Intermediate Ballet III & IV

These classes are exclusively for Grrrl Brigade and Jr. Grrrl Brigade members. Students with extensive ballet experience may also audition on the first day of class. These classes focuses on strengthening technique and is designed to support and improve their dancing in other disciplines.


Our hip-hop classes teach current social dancing through movement across the floor and choreography. Students are also encouraged to create their own choreography as well. This class is designed to build confidence, coordination and skill through the art of dance.


This class teaches a fusion of bellydance, samba, & Persian Dance as all these forms of dance have some similar isolations and movements of the hips & torso. Students are taught to isolate throughout their entire body, move with fluid and staccato quality, and perform with flare!


Taiko is Japanese style drumming. In this class students are taught several rhythms and movements on the taiko drum. This class helps students express themselves through powerful drumming. Tailo I & II are the prerequisite classes to trying out for Jr. Grrrl Brigade Taiko.

Grrrl Brigade & Jr. Grrrl Brigade

Please see the Grrrl Brigade page for more information.

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